What is All-On‑4?

When researching the possibility of dental implants, you might come across the term “All-On-4”. This is a specialist type of dental implant procedure offered by some dentists as a way to replace traditional removable dentures.

The principle of the treatment is quite simple. A dental implant is typically used to support a single crown, but by placing multiple implants in the jaw bone, we can place an entire arch supported by four to six dental implants.

There is no need to place an implant per tooth, we can provide sufficient support for the arch using multiple dental implants. This paves the way for a fixed or removable dentures, depending on the patient’s preferences. In this guide, we’ll explore this treatment plan in more detail so you can decide if it is the right path for you.

Who is a good candidate for All-On-4?

If you currently have a denture, or if you’re facing the prospect of getting a denture in the near future, you might consider how All-On-4 could improve your outlook.

Dentures are notorious for being difficult. They are known to slip and rub against the gums. They can fall out while you are speaking. And while they might restore some of the function of your bite, you won’t be able to eat all of your favourite foods from before the time when you lost your teeth.

By using dental implants to support your denture, you can overcome many of these issues. Rather than opt for a partial implant, you might choose to remove any remaining teeth and then opt for a full mouth restoration using dental implants.

What are the benefits of All-On-4?

All-On-4 treatment offers a number of distinct benefits. First and foremost, you will enjoy a natural-looking restoration that looks, feels and functions just like your real teeth. You can eat all of your favourite foods without worrying about your denture slipping. This can help to ensure you don’t have any nutritional deficiencies as a result of your food choices.

Dental implants can also help to maintain a youthful facial structure. When we lose teeth, the jaw bone will shrink when it isn’t in use. This can lead to a sunken appearance on the face that is common for those with dentures. With dental implants, the jaw bone remains useful, as it absorbs the force of your bite. As a result, it will not shrink or recede in the same way.

And finally, All-On-4 is also a highly versatile treatment plan. You can choose between fixed dentures that only your dentist can remove, or you can opt for removable dentures. With removable dentures, the tops of the implants hold a small magnet that allows the denture to “snap” securely into place. You can easily remove it to clean it.

What is the procedure for All-On-4?

The procedure for All-On-4 is similar to the procedure for a single dental implant. The only difference is that the dental surgeon will place either 4 or 6 implants instead of a single implant.

A small hole is drilled into the jaw bone and then the implant is placed inside. The gum is stitched closed above this and then the implant is left to heal. The bone will heal around the implant, creating a strong anchor.

The healing time might be slightly extended, as the body will have to heal multiple implant sites. Once healed, the dentist places abutments on the top of the implant, and these are used to support the denture.

It’s also possible to use longer, angled dental implants that will drastically shorten the healing time. The angled implants can support a load-bearing dental implant on the same day. Your dentist will advise you if this is an option available to you.

How do I get All-On-4 implants?

If you’re interested in this treatment plan, the first step is to book a consultation with our team. We will carry out an examination to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. This will include X-rays and a CT scan to get a better look at your jaw bone density. We can then explore finance options and book the start date for your treatment if you decide to go ahead.

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