4 Signs That You Are a Great Smile Makeover Candidate

Want to make a dramatic change to your smile? You could be an ideal candidate for a smile makeover. This innovative treatment plan allows you to address the cosmetic imperfections that might be holding you back.

The incredible thing about the smile makeover is that you can adapt it to your needs and your budget. So, if you want to achieve a stunning makeover without the wait, we can help you to achieve this. And if you’re happy to undergo longer treatments to achieve the results you want, then we can help to make this happen.

If you’re thinking about a smile makeover but aren’t sure if this could be right for you, we’ve created this short guide. In this guide, we’re sharing the top four signs that you could be an ideal candidate for a smile makeover.

What is a smile makeover?

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is unique to every patient. We use a range of treatments to help address common aesthetic concerns so that you can smile with confidence. A smile makeover commonly includes orthodontics to straighten the teeth, teeth whitening to lift the shade and remove staining and composite bonding to refine the smile. It could also use veneers and crowns to address individual teeth.

A treatment plan could look like this:

  • Orthodontics on the top arch of teeth to address alignment issues and overcrowding

  • Teeth whitening to lift the shade and remove staining

  • Composite bonding on the front 6 teeth to conceal thinning enamel and small chips

Here are some of the top signs you could be ideal for this treatment:

You have realistic expectations

1. You have realistic expectations

With a smile makeover, you are working with your natural teeth, which has some limitations. If you want to dramatically change your smile, you might be better suited to veneers. However, if you have realistic expectations and are willing to stick to the plan, you could achieve incredible results with this treatment journey.

2. You have multiple aesthetic concerns

You might not know what each imperfection is called, but if you look at your smile and there are multiple things you would like to fix or change, then you could be perfect for a smile makeover. Common imperfections include crooked teeth, rotations, gaps, overcrowding, stains, thinning enamel, chips, cracks and discolouration following root canal treatment.

All of these issues (and more) can be addressed with the help of a smile makeover treatment plan. You’ll start by discussing your concerns with your dentist and then they will suggest treatments that could be right for you.

3. You’re committed to your oral health

You need to be willing to take care of your teeth throughout the treatment and beyond. We’ve found that patients who commit to a smile makeover treatment plan will typically take better care of their teeth after treatment due to the financial commitment. Once you have invested in your smile, you’re more likely to want to preserve the results, and this usually means following the aftercare advice.

You’re ready to follow the treatment plan

4. You’re ready to follow the treatment plan

When it comes to treatments like orthodontics, you need to be on board for the duration of the treatment plan. This is particularly true for removable aligners like Invisalign. With a removable aligner system, you need to be committed to wearing your aligners for 20-22 hours per day. If you fail to meet this target, the treatment won’t work and you may need to start again.

If you’re worried about forgetting to wear your aligners, fixed braces might be a better choice for you. This will ensure you can complete the treatment plan on schedule.

Closing thoughts

If this guide has convinced you that a smile makeover is the right choice for you, we encourage you to get in touch. Your initial consultation for a smile makeover will be your opportunity to ask questions about the treatment and understand the options available to you. We might also recommend some treatment options that you were previously unaware of.

To book your initial consultation, get in touch with our aesthetic dentistry team today. Remember to write down any questions you might have so that you don’t forget to ask them during your appointment.

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