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Meet The Team

Meet the dental team that helps to make our patient's dream smiles a reality. Our expert team of dentists, dental hygienists, dental support staff and practice staff are here to help you.

Find your smile at Longfellow Road Dental

Longfellow Road Dental practice offers NHS and private dental care. This allows us to keep quality dentistry accessible and affordable, while still offering a wide range of treatment options to our patients. We are a well-established local dental practice offering a comprehensive range of treatments to help our patients to achieve healthy and confident smiles.

Meet the team

Our team includes highly trained and experienced dentists, dental support staff and practice staff. We're all united in a goal to make high-quality dental care accessible, affordable and stress-free.

  • Andrew Leering

    GDC: 265228

    Dentist - BDS Cardiff 2016

  • Chetan Mathias

    GDC: 111265

    Principal Dentist - BDS Rajvir Ghandhi University 2005

  • Mamta Gowda

    GDC: 83994

    Dentist - BDS Birmingham 2004

  • Muhiuddim Ahmed

    GDC: 170111

    Dentist - BDS Dhaka 1994

  • Sunaina Daftari

    GDC: 298477

    Dental Hygienist - Registered under s36C of the Dentists Act 1984 2024

  • Jaswinder Gill

    GDC: 71111

    Dentist - BDS London LDS/RCS/DGDP (UK)

    Jas Gill - Longfellow Road Dental
  • Pratichi Tripathi

    GDC: 295385

    Dentist - BDS Manipal College of Dental Sciences 2018

  • Anastasia Saca

    GDC: 304908

    Dentist - DMD Iuliu Hațieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy 2016

  • Sai Takiar

    GDC: 305196

    Dentist - DDM Medical University of Plovdiv 2022

  • Bas Biju

    GDC: 312228

    Dentist - DDM Medical University of Varna 2023

  • Shazia Khan

    GDC: 264468

    Dentist - BDS Rajvir Ghandi University 2008

  • Mustafa Belim

    GDC: 268764

    Dentist - DMD Cluj-Nopoca 2016

  • Vishnu Pradeep

    GDC: 299338

    Dental Therapist - Registered under s36C of the Dentists Act 1984 2022

  • Rajinder Dhaliwal

    GDC: 85547

    Dentist - BDS Birmingham 2005

  • Janet Watson
    GDC: 143077
  • Leah Boshell
    GDC: 297343
  • Colleen Chikwahna
    GDC: 293950
  • Scarlett Connolly
    GDC: 262653
  • Fatima Waseem
    GDC: 297514

  • Rachel Mountain
  • Morgan Nash
  • Nelofar Naseri
  • Abeer Ismail
  • Sayedatunnesa Ruhi
  • Muhammed Jasat
  • Casey Weston
  • Keerthi Nipin
  • Miruna Militaru
  • Shanti Limbu
  • Rashida Rehman
  • Rakesh Madipagdiga
  • Gopinath Kommireddy
  • Sophia Arshad
  • Jemma Perrin

  • Sarah Boshell

    Practice Manager

  • Charlene Bodinar
  • Kathleen McErlean
  • Alisha Armitt
  • Santan Lobo
  • Sinead Dewhurst
  • Gisaliny Arumgarasa
  • Simone Hamilton
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Cosmetic Dentistry

Achieve the smile you've always dreamed of with cosmetic dentistry treatments from Longfellow Road Dental.

Happy healthy family sitting on sofa at home

NHS Dentistry

NHS dental care offers a cost-effective way to access the dental care you need. All treatments that are medically required for healthy teeth and gums are available on the NHS treatment pricing bands.

  • Marie Clarke

    Apr 13,2024

    Very good dentist practice and the dentist was very good and explained the treatment so 2 twice i been here and going back next week for follow up

  • Nicola Morris

    Apr 13,2024

    Friendly Dentist and no pushing for unnecessary treatments which was a relief from my previous Dentist. Nice friendly reception staff. Generally a good practice for anxious people as many of the reviews suggest. Accommodated a downstairs room for my check up as I'm currently on crutches - side note to this is that the practice is not disability friendly aside from that 1 downstairs consultation room (all other rooms are up a steep set of stairs and I was advised there is no lift). There is no parking and very uneven paving at the front which is a hazard for anyone with mobility difficulties. Practice is on a red route and double yellows so you have to walk from a nearby road (if dropped off there is an enormous pothole which damaged the car of the person who gave me a lift who'd tried to drop me off as close as possible) and the front door is not powered - it is a very heavy fire door meaning you struggle to push or pull with a stick/crutches or if you were in a wheelchair and want to remain independent - I struggled on the way in and the way out and noone was around to ask to help as the reception is some distance from the door. Only other comment was that the treatment room door was randomly opened and propped open during my check up and this wasn't explained or warned... I presumed it was an x-ray protocol but meant the room full of waiting patients all sat there and stared at me with things sticking out of my mouth which made me feel quite uncomfortable (especially when I was already very nervous to be there in the first place!).

  • Ann Chadwick

    Apr 12,2024

    Came into the Dentist to book an appointment for a check up, the receptionist said there was a slot at 3,20pm the same day, I was seen the same day and received a professional service.

  • Derek Watkins

    Apr 12,2024

    This was an appointment to check a dental abcess that turned out not to be an abcess but ulceration caused by my partial denture rubbing my gum. Dr Belim gave me good advice and told me how to treat the problem and said he would see me in a month's time. I was seen promptly and the whole experience was a pleasant one.


    Apr 12,2024

    So happy with how my teeth look now.I won’t be shying away from photos anymore now I have my confidence back.thank you to the amazing dentists at Longfellow Road

  • Michael Harris

    Apr 12,2024

    Very efficient.Andrew is very thorough and explains treatment very clearly.No complaints at all.

  • Nicholas Williams

    Apr 12,2024

    Reception as friendly as usual. New crown fitted with the wonderful Anastasia. No pain. Really took her time. Chatted about what was happening and kept me calm. I seriously can’t recommend Cheaton (the boss) and his brilliant staff enough. Keep up the good work Longfellow!

  • David James

    Apr 6,2024

    Went to the dental practice for the first time this week and anit had any work done yet but was very impressed with the way they spoke to me plus plus the price was fantastic to so starting my treatment next week ps must say now been going there every week for the past three and I’m no fan of a dentist buy any means but this practice has changed my mind completely the work I’ve had done no pain and so impressed with the way they work only got a few appointments left and I’m done truly this dentist has made a massive difference to my life I can’t thank them enough honestly if your after a dentist that makes a difference does what they say the prices are great give them a ring you would nt regret it fantastic dentist ten out of ten in my eyes

  • Leslie Ashford

    Apr 6,2024

    Excellent service. Crown came out.Phoned for appointment & had it replaced the following day.

  • Emmeline McChleery

    Apr 5,2024

    Really good service - clear explanations and no unnecessary treatment

  • Diane Hall

    Apr 4,2024

    Always get good service here

  • Jeanie Rollins

    Apr 4,2024

    My Dentist is amazing

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Transform your 
smile with a smile makeover

Curious about how cosmetic dentistry could transform your smile? A smile makeover is a completely bespoke treatment plan that will address your aesthetic concerns. It could include Invisalign, dental implants, teeth whitening and composite bonding to help you smile with confidence again.

couple that have had dental implants happy enjoying socialising

Dental Implants

Restore your smile and regain your confidence with dental implants.

couple with straight teeth after invisalign treatment


The clear and removable alternative to fixed braces.

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