Am I Suitable for Dental Implants at My Age?

There is a common misconception about dental implants that you are only a suitable candidate during a very specific age range. 

Patients will often assume they are either too young or too old for this treatment. We’re not sure where this myth has come from, but we would be happy to put it to rest once and for all.

In short, there is no age range for dental implants. Your eligibility for dental implants will rely on a number of factors, but your age is not one of them. If you’re curious about dental implants but assumed that your age would rule you out, read on to learn more about how we determine if you’re a candidate for treatment.

Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

Your suitability for dental implants has nothing to do with age. We can place dental implants for people of all ages, but there are some factors that would make you an unsuitable candidate. In general, to be a good candidate for dental implants you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have all of your adult teeth

  • Missing one or more teeth

  • Sufficient bone density to support the implant

  • No signs of gum disease

  • Non-smoker with no plans to continue smoking

  • Not undergoing treatment for cancer

  • Not taking certain medications that could interfere with treatment

  • Able to follow the aftercare instructions

  • Good overall oral health in your remaining teeth or the gums

As you can see, there is nothing on this list about age. Younger patients may be unable to get dental implants if they don’t yet have all of their adult teeth. And older patients may not be able to get dental implants because of low bone density. However, both of these scenarios can be remedied.

Can young people have dental implants?

If a young person has lost their teeth due to injury, decay or trauma, there may be the possibility of restoring the smile with dental implants. This can be a better option than a denture, as the dental implant will look, feel and function like a real tooth.

If the young person does not yet have all of their adult teeth, then dental implants wouldn’t be recommended. This is because the emerging teeth will often shift to close gaps in the smile, so implants might not be necessary.

Sometimes, it may be better to wait and see how their smile turns out, and then consider using orthodontics to close gaps in the smile.

Can older people have dental implants?

There is no upper age limit for dental implants. The most important consideration is that you have sufficient bone density to support the implant. Bone density can reduce with age, particularly if you have missing teeth. Without the tooth root to keep the bone in place, it can recede over time. This will result in a narrow ridge of bone that might not be sufficient to support an implant.

Fortunately, there are additional treatments available that can address low bone density. A bone graft will help to increase the bone density in your jaw so that there is sufficient structure to support an implant.

Why are implants better than dentures?

For older people looking for solutions for missing teeth, dentures are often the first choice, but it doesn’t have to be this way. While dentures can restore some function to the mouth and jaw, they do not replicate the feeling of real teeth. The pressure of your bite is absorbed by the gums, which can be very uncomfortable. As a result, you might avoid eating your favourite foods.

Dental implants can resolve this issue by restoring the feeling of having real teeth. The implant distributes the force of your bite across your jawbone, which is the same as a natural tooth root. As a result, you’re more likely to be able to eat your favourite foods. This can reduce the risk of malnutrition in old age due to poorly fitting dentures.

How can Longfellow Road Dental help?

If you’re exploring the possibility of dentures but aren’t sure where to start, we recommend booking a consultation with our team. This is an ideal opportunity to ask questions about the treatment and learn more about how dental implants could transform your smile, your confidence and your life.

Whether you think you might be too old or too young for dental implants, we’re confident we can find a solution for you. Book an appointment today to learn more.

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