Cutting down on sugar for good oral health

Cutting down on sugar to help your teeth

The sweetness of this substance is almost addictive and it makes many of us feel urges for sugary foods like soft drinks, sweets, chocolates, cakes and various desserts.

Eating a dessert with a high amount of sugar from time to time is fine, but the problem is that specific bacteria in our mouth uses the sugar as energy to function and spread. In other words, if you eat more sugar, you are supporting the growth and expansion of bacteria in your mouth. This growth ultimately leads to cavities and if these cavities are left for a long time, they can lead to intense pain and discomfort.

Obviously, it is almost impossible (and unnecessary) to stop sugar intake. But, with adequate dental care, you can still enjoy sweet treats from time to time without worrying about cavities.

Do you know your daily sugar intake

Do you know your daily sugar intake?

To combat sugar, try brushing your teeth once you are finished eating sugary products. This is a good way to prevent the use of sugar by mouth-dwelling bacteria. Next, you should try replacing ordinary sugar with natural sugars. These sugars are found in veggies and fruits and they are typically good for our health. So, avoid processed commercial foods packed with unhealthy sugar and try some natural foods like vegetables and fruit. Keep in mind that this sugar can be dangerous too if it is consumed in large amounts.

Pay closer attention to your daily sugar intake. There’s no need to keep looking at sugar as your main enemy. Don’t forget that sugar is important because it represents an efficient source of energy. The problems we have mentioned with your dental health and overall health only occur when people take excessive amounts of sugars. According to experts, people should not take over eight teaspoons of sugar in one day. Many people are not aware that they’ve passed this recommendation because they don’t know how much sugar each food has so it’s wise to check the labels and be careful.

Finally, visit a dentist on a regular basis and have regular checkups and professional cleaning. The team at Longfellow Road dental office will be glad to help you!

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